Value can be subjective, but when taken to to mean principles and standards which guide human actions, the value of Capriccio is understated as 'fine'...
  Being triple certified, the quality of the bean is unsurpassed , ensuring an excellent result, every time...
  Promoted via an innovative approach to marketing, through a range of stylish support materials...
  Capriccio is inspired by Italy, designed for Britain. It has been carefully selected to provide a perfect espresso to form the basis of every espresso based drink...

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CAPRICCIO COFFEE on valentines Day 2013
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Start your own wholesale coffee business with CAPRICCIO COFFEE

It doesn't matter if you already have a coffee or drinks business, or if you are considering a new business in the coffee supplies industry, a coffee franchise perhaps, we'd like to speak to you about becoming a distributor for CAPRICCIO COFFEE.

This is not a coffee franchise, it's much more flexible than that! You simply agree to supply CAPRICCIO COFFEE within your existing product range, whether that's other coffees, or products related to the appropriate marketplace while adhering to the CAPRICCIO COFFEE code of ethics and distributor guidelines.

The CAPRICCIO COFFEE guidelines are not onerous, but they do aim to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product via the best possible level of customer service and support (both pre and post sales) and distributors are not competing for the same business, leading to price wars and lack of profit margin, where nobody benefits in the long run (you, us, or the customer, because service and support would deteriorate because there is no money in it).

If you would like to explore the CAPRICCIO COFFEE opportunity, please contact us.