Value can be subjective, but when taken to to mean principles and standards which guide human actions, the value of Capriccio is understated as 'fine'...
  Being triple certified, the quality of the bean is unsurpassed , ensuring an excellent result, every time...
  Promoted via an innovative approach to marketing, through a range of stylish support materials...
  Capriccio is inspired by Italy, designed for Britain. It has been carefully selected to provide a perfect espresso to form the basis of every espresso based drink...

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CAPRICCIO COFFEE on valentines Day 2013
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Perfect Espresso from CAPRICCIO COFFEE beans

CAPRICCIO COFFEE promotes the Perfect Espresso as the base for all espresso based coffee drinks - like Cappuccinos, Lattes and Flat Whites etc.

We will soon be adding a series of guides here including;

  • Coffee history (our version at least).
  • Green beans : growing, selecting, roasting.
  • Cupping - eh ?
  • The perfect espresso : what you need to know.
  • Do you sell coffee? Increase your coffee sales.
  • Coffee in the office? Your options.
  • Professional traditional espresso machines : selection, use, maintenance.
  • Bean-to-cup machines : selection, use, maintenance.
  • Grinders : selection, use, maintenance

Making the perfect espresso with CAPRICCIO Coffee