Value can be subjective, but when taken to to mean principles and standards which guide human actions, the value of Capriccio is understated as 'fine'...
  Being triple certified, the quality of the bean is unsurpassed , ensuring an excellent result, every time...
  Promoted via an innovative approach to marketing, through a range of stylish support materials...
  Capriccio is inspired by Italy, designed for Britain. It has been carefully selected to provide a perfect espresso to form the basis of every espresso based drink...

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CAPRICCIO COFFEE on valentines Day 2013
CAPRICCIO gets loved-up on Valentines Day 2013! view

CAPRICCIO for the Cafe

We continue to work on our marketing support materials for anyone supplying high volumes of CAPRICCIO COFFEE, whether you are an independant coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel or other catering establishment. If you can demonstrate your committment to the Perfect Espresso through regular staff training, machine maintenance and thoughtful drinks menu, then we will support you as much as we can...

CAPRICCIO Coffee for the cafe, coffee shops, hotels and bars

We currently have the following available;

  • CAPRICCIO branded coffee beans
  • CAPRICCIO branded cups & saucers
  • CAPRICCIO "SERVED HERE" branded pavement signs
  • CAPRICCIO branded white sugar sticks
  • CAPRICCIO branded brown sugar sticks
  • CAPRICCIO branded informative tent cards for tables
  • CAPRICCIO "SERVED HERE" branded windows stickers
  • CAPRICCIO branded LOYALTY cards (buy 9 coffees get the 10th free)

Please note, some marketing materials are provided on an "on-loan" basis while others require a contribution from you to help towards the production costs - please speak to us about this when discussing your order quantities etc.

If you would like to find out more about CAPRICCIO COFFEE please contact us.

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