Value can be subjective, but when taken to to mean principles and standards which guide human actions, the value of Capriccio is understated as 'fine'...
  Being triple certified, the quality of the bean is unsurpassed , ensuring an excellent result, every time...
  Promoted via an innovative approach to marketing, through a range of stylish support materials...
  Capriccio is inspired by Italy, designed for Britain. It has been carefully selected to provide a perfect espresso to form the basis of every espresso based drink...

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CAPRICCIO COFFEE on valentines Day 2013
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...a new concept in Coffee Excellence

It is a well-known fact that if you buy low-grade coffee, you will be selling low-grade coffee. The best machine or the best Barista canít make bad coffee taste good!

You will have customers, but they wonít be queuing out of the door or telling friends about this amazing coffee. On the other hand, if you buy the best Coffee in the World but don't know how to make it correctly, you are in the same position.

With CAPRICCIO COFFEE we have all the tools to help improve your coffee offering and to help you make more money!

If you buy into "The Capriccio Way" you will be taking on a Coffee Partner who will help you double your coffee sales within 6 months !

So, let's look at your coffee buying options...

Buy cheap coffee beans from the cash and carry or similar...

  • You have cheap coffee, limiting your sales to those who donít mind as long as itís hot and wet
  • You receive no support in how to present your coffee
  • You have a problem with your machine, the coffee supplier isn't qualified to fix it, and you lose business until the machine is repaired
  • You receive no preventative maintenance
  • No menu support or guidance
  • No financial help with marketing activity

Buy from "traditional coffee company"...

  • Pay more for your coffee ?
  • Maybe receive some free marketing support in the form of a sign or a few cups with their logo ?
  • Maybe have a machine servicing capability ?


  • Receive highest quality, fresh, hand roasted coffee
  • Choose one of five blends to fit your customer's profile
  • Receive free on-site machine and grinder service and assessment with first order
  • Receive free quarterly staff training and machine / grinder audit (subject to purchases)
  • Free consultation for menu support
  • Subsidised services carried out on your equipment
  • Replacement equipment at trade pricing  when required
  • Cash back every year to help market your business
  • Volume discounts of Capriccio premium products
  • Trade discounts on Barista essentials (frothing jugs, tampers etc)

If you would like to explore the CAPRICCIO COFFEE opportunity, please contact us.

Just a few Questions and Answers...

My customers donít complain, so why should I change?
How many of your customers genuinely compliment you on your coffee? Your customers should be telling their friends how great your coffee is. If they're not, maybe you should think about improving your offer.

I canít afford to buy more expensive coffee?
Can you afford not to? With so much competition on the high street, you must be selling better coffee than your competition.

My customers will go elsewhere if I put my prices up.
You don't need to put your prices up. Even our highest quality premium blend is less than 8.5p per cup - you will sell more coffee when people learn you are selling on quality !

What happens when I place my first order?
Order 2 cases or more and your coffee will be delivered by a trained coffee specialist (barista) who will set up your bean grinder and service your espresso machine groups to make sure your Capriccio is being served as it should be. We will then demonstrate how to produce the perfect espresso and present you with a coffee care and training guide. We will talk to you about a bespoke, on-going training program to ensure you are always producing great coffee.